I Would Rather.....
by Debbie Looney

I would rather walk with God in the dark
Then go alone, and walk in the light
As I know with Him by my side
The darkness will be ever so bright

I would rather believe He is real
And find out in the end I was wrong,
Then to doubt, and lose all that I have
And find He was there all along

I would rather be branded religious
Then conform to the world as most do
Because in the long run it's worth it
To have God beside me, and true

I would rather save face with my Savior
Then continue down the wrong road of sin
For to me the ultimate ending
Would be Heavens Gate letting me in

At least with God in the darkness
I know I am never alone
For the light will catch up with me, someday
And forever with God, I'll be home

(c)2005 Debbie Looney
Used with permission

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Quote:I would rather walk with God in
the dark than walk alone in the light.
~ Mary Gardiner Brainard

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